Science Articles

New 3D-printing method makes printing objects more affordable and eco-friendly

A team of scientists led by UF engineering researchers has unveiled a method for 3D printing that will help advance the world of additive manufacturing 

Humans shape the journey of mud, study reveals

Mud-trapped carbon tells us about past and current climate shifts

Engineering students solve soldiers’ problem at lightning speed

UF mechanical engineering students 'strike gold' with their design of a device to help soldiers on the battlefield camouflage vehicles easier and faster 

Studying abroad, University of Florida veterinary students conduct critical field research in Africa

UF veterinary students Danae Witte and Nicole Perry studied abroad over the summer, conducting field research in Africa on Crimean-Congo hemorrhagic fever

How to safely observe 2024 total solar eclipse, according to UF astronomy professors

North America will experience its second total solar eclipse in seven years on April 8 – a captivating event that won’t happen again for another two decades.

We’ve had bird evolution all wrong

A frozen chunk of genome rewrites our understanding of the bird family tree.

Moths big and small are vanishing from southern US cities

Insects of all stripes are in the midst of a vanishing act, a catastrophic sleight-of-hand occurring so rapidly that scientists can’t keep up.  Are they all disappearing at equal rates, or are some faster than others? Few people have checked.

Making advances in space engineering

Humanity’s ambitions for space engineering are only growing: manned missions to Mars, permanent lunar bases, and ever-larger telescopes to peer into the cosmos. To fulfill those ambitions, UF has launched the Space Mission Institute, an interdisciplinary hub for space research.

Experts available to provide comment, insight on 2024 solar eclipse

University of Florida scientists are available to answer questions and provide insight from their respective field of expertise in connection to the April 8 total solar eclipse that will cross North America.

Fighting the growing threat of crime and violence in retail spaces

Retailers and law enforcement officials gathered at UF to explore innovative technologies and strategies to help prevent retail crime

The Conversation: Hammerhead shark embryos reveal secrets of their unique head development

Rare access to specimens provides first-ever look at captivating process

Pushing the boundary on ultralow frequency gravitational waves

Lowest-ever frequency gravitational waves spotted in pulsar data

New technique may help scientists stave off coral reef collapse

In first, early coral skeleton formation step is reproduced in squishy sea anemone

Scientists revolutionize wireless communication with three-dimensional processors

University of Florida engineering researchers have pioneered a method for using semiconductor technology to manufacture processors that significantly enhance the efficiency of transmitting vast amounts of data across the globe

Can artificial intelligence outsmart invasive species?

A team of scientists at UF/IFAS are collaborating on a project in which researchers are testing traps equipped with artificial intelligence software on a growing population established in Ft. Pierce, Florida.